8 Tips for Better Looking Skin

Everyone has bad habits that lead to skin problems. While some people have tough skin that doesn’t react to these habits, others have sensitive skin that breaks out at every opportunity. If you have constant breakouts and acne, even if you’re diligent about taking care of your skin, there are some habits you may have not considered that may be causing the problem.

Over-exfoliating, drinking alcohol, and even consuming copious amounts of sugar may seem like a good idea at the time, but the quality of your skin may ultimately take a toll. If you’re wondering what your bad habits are that may be harming your skin, take a look at our list and learn about some natural tips for clear skin.

Stop Picking at Your Skin

You’ve broken out and you just can’t resist picking at your skin. Now, your skin looks swollen and redder than it did before. Picking at your skin is the source of inflammation and increased redness, as well as additional melanin production, which causes brown spots and darkens your skin.

Generally, picking at your skin is caused by the frustration you feel from breaking out. Instead of picking, soothe your skin with a warm compress and an acne zapper loaded with salicylic acid for blackheads or benzoyl peroxide for whiteheads. Our favorite natural tip for clear skin is adding lavender or jasmine essential oils to your compress. However, no matter how you may feel, don’t scratch, pop, or squeeze anything on your skin.

If a blemish looks increasingly red and angry, head to an aesthetician to drain the buildup or to a dermatologist for a cortisone injection to reduce the swelling.

Don’t Wax on Your Own

Waxing was cutting into your budget too excessively, so you’ve decided to do it yourself. Now, your forehead is a painful mass of red welts. You’ve injured your skin on a microscopic level and any moisturizer or cleanser is painful to use.

A good habit for healthy skin includes spraying your face with a cooling mist of lavender and jasmine essential oils in water and pressing cold towels on the area until the swelling and redness have subsided.

Wash Your Face

Washing your face every night is naturally the best tip for clear skin, but there’s always another excuse—you’re too tired, it’s too late, or you haven’t even been outside today, so you don’t need to wash your face. Don’t allow yourself to get lazy. Find an effective cleanser and use it every day.

If you don’t wash your face, your pores can get clogged and your skin can begin looking dull. If you absolutely can’t wash your face, one of our natural tips for clear skin entails having a face wash wipe handy to get the worst of the day’s dirt, sweat, and oil off. An ideal wipe may have glycolic or citric acid to dissolve the dirt around your pores or have a textured surface to gently exfoliate as you cleanse. If it’s been awhile since you regularly washed your face, add a teaspoon of our 120 grit microdermabrasion crystals for every two teaspoons of cleanser for a more powerful effect.

Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

This weekend was a wild party and now, your skin is covered with acne. Why is this? The alcohol you consumed was a depressant and it slowed your entire system down. Your circulation is sluggish, you’re dehydrated, and your vitamin and nutrient level is depleted, ensuring that your skin cells aren’t properly regenerating.

The morning after you’ll need to do some damage control by rehydrating yourself, inside and out. Some natural tips for clear skin include drinking lots of water and splashing your face with it as well. Use wrapped ice cubes to soothe any puffiness around your eyes and apply a cooling mask.

Quit Smoking

You already know smoking is bad. It restricts circulation, damages your internal organs, and weakens the skin-barrier that protects you, causing DNA damage and aging you faster.

Smoking is the ultimate pollutant and quitting is always your best option. While you’re trying to quit, antioxidants are the best protection you have against the damage of cigarettes. Develop good habits for healthy skin by exfoliating with your microdermabrasion crystals and using serums loaded with antioxidants, like vitamins C and E.

Wear Sunscreen

You may be thinking that after summer, sunscreen is no longer a necessity, but harmful UV rays can affect you all year round. You may not immediately see the damage of spending a few days in the sun without sunscreen, but there is subtle inflammation and free radicals that are now affecting your skin. In fact, UV rays are so harmful that even if you just got a tan, your skin will age faster, show more brown spots, and sag over time.

Beyond wearing sunscreen every day, a good tip for better looking skin is to use aloe vera to soothe irritated skin and apply moisturizers to maintain hydration. Get products with titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and red algae to protect and repair your skin.

Eat Moderately

Sometimes it can be tempting to over eat. Whether you’re attending a fancy dinner, snacking at the movie theater, or enjoying a bowl of ice cream, overloading your body with food fills up your GI tract and drives your circulation down. Energy levels drop, your skin gets congested, and suddenly you wake up with inflammation and blemishes.

hen you must indulge, the most important natural tip for clear skin is to drink a lot of water. Do your best to get moving after a large meal and try to get as much sleep as you can.

Breaking Your Habits

All of these habits are within your control and you are the only one who has the power to do something about them. Taking care of your body is important, so enhance the quality of your skin by following these natural tips for clear and radiant skin. Make sure you’re cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing to maintain your beautiful skin.