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NeedCrystals aluminium oxide microdermabrasion crystals are preferred by dermatologists and aesthetic skin care professionals for cost effective quality that offers great results. Our unique microdermabrasion crystals are specially prepared microcrystalline aluminum oxide (corundum) crystals. The material 99.55% pure and is fused at nearly 4000°F in order to form the grain structure that provides optimal abrasive properties. For consistent quality and reliable results, the aluminum oxide crystals are graded for controlled particle size distribution.

Our microdermabrasion crystals are compatible with most microdermabrasion, including: Power Peel®, Dermaglow®, Ultra peel®, Skin System, Pepita, Smart Peel®, Mattioli, Dermascan, Crystal Peel. etc...

Our aluminum oxide microdermabrasion crystals offer value and reliability for use by skin care professionals. You can purchase our products in the most popular grit sizes, including 100 and 120. We packaged our microdermabrasion crystals in 4 lb "easy-pour" plastic bottle.

This extremely stable material is identical to the crystal structure of sapphire. Completely inert and pH neutral, components made from it are approved for use by the FDA as prosthetic and DAL implants.